096. Introduce philosophy as a module

As if we need another subject in the curriculum! Please hear me out. I think philosophy is something that is as important as technology as a methodology in primary education.

Firstly, I’m not suggesting we add philosophy as a subject in the curriculum. I am suggesting that it becomes part of a school’s ethics/religion curriculum. It could be something that only gets covered for 6-8 weeks in a year.

The thing I love about philosophy classes is their structure. I love how everyone sits in a circle and I love how there is an open-ended question and I love how everyone that takes part is treated with respect. I love the agreements and disagreements and I love the democracy of it, including the teacher. All in all, they are extremely important 21st century learning skills.

As with everything one adds to a curriculum, something must be taken away. What goes? I’ll stay out of that debate in this article.

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