095. SPHE to be given more time allocation

SPHE has become one of the most important subjects in the curriculum for a variety of reasons, yet it only receives 30 minutes allocation per week. Many “clever” schools try to shoehorn their Religion or Ethics curriculum into SPHE unless they’re getting an ethos inspection(!)

SPHE already includes several programmes including:

  • RSE – Relationships and Sexuality Education
  • Walktall – a variety of topics intended to sway children away from substance abuse
  • Stay Safe – As its title suggests, staying safe in the big bad world

Although not compulsory, it also fits in Internet safety. One can also see it filtering through to other aspects of life that many children don’t get at home anymore.

I suggest it also includes well-being, morality, human rights education and environmental awareness.

Obviously something has to give when we add to a curriculum subject. I think we all know where the low hanging fruit is and I’d suggest picking from there.

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