075. POD to be scrapped

Imagine in your job if you were using a really good system for administration for a number of years and then your boss came along and built a system that tried to do the same but was much worse, then forced you to use that system instead. 

Well, that’s pretty much what has happened in primary education. Schools were happily using Student Management Systems like Aladdin and Databiz for a number of years then the Department of Education came along with POD, a dreadful, clunky, unattractive system, which nobody likes. Despite the fact that the other systems are able to provide exactly the same data, the government insist on schools wasting time and using POD. In effect, because the other systems are so much better, schools end up doing the work twice.

My suggestion is for the Department of Education to allow systems like Aladdin and Databiz sync with POD in real time so that schools only have to supply information once. It’s probably too late to scrap POD completely, but the headline was too snappy to disregard!

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