Digital Schools of Distinction Booster Programme – Diary Entry 2

Scoil Cliodhna CNS – Our Digital Journey As it Happens – Part 2

Our teachers and children alike have been using the resources from Cocoon over the past couple of weeks and the feedback has been amazing!

From Junior Infants up to First Class, the children have been engaging in various coding and digital storytelling activities with their teachers.  The lessons have made it really easy for teachers to lead the lessons in a very engaging and structured way. The teachers have commented on the “great scope for learning” which each lesson brings to the topic at hand.

The content is easily delivered, with different tasks being broken down and clearly explained in the lesson plans.  This has helped all of our teachers embrace the materials – from those of us who feel very confident around the integration of ICT, to those of us who sometimes need a little bit more of a helping hand when it comes to integrating ICT into our classrooms!  The simple layout of the lesson plans, as well as the superb support available directly from Edanu, has meant that our teachers are fully supported in the roll-out of the Cocoon resources.

The children really enjoy using the apps and programs recommended and supported by Cocoon, and the excitement is palpable when they know it’s time to log on and move forward to the next step!  We have seen a real shift from the teachers being the “Sage on the Stage” to the teachers being the “Guide on the Side” when it comes to computer time in particular!

The children themselves are now teaching each other and they are learning from each other as they collaborate and problem solve through the use of these apps and programs.  Even in Junior Infants, the children have been sharing their knowledge with each other – this shows just how powerful ICT can be in education!


Without the resources and lesson plans from Cocoon, our teachers would have found the process more time-consuming and definitely harder to plan for and integrate!  The lessons from Cocoon have really benefited our teachers and children as they have streamlined the process and given us all a new impetus to embed ICT in our daily teaching and learning.   


Teachers must embrace the use of ICT in teaching, learning and assessment because technology has the power to transform education!   Cocoon has been our perfect partner to date in helping transform education in our school.

With the help of technology, teachers will be leaders in the transformation of education around the world” – Craig R. Barrett.




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