COVID-19 Collaborative Document
A collaborative document to help cover the primary curriculum.


Since schools closed on March 12th, I’ve been creating content to help teachers and school leaders in terms of distance learning. There seems to be a huge amount of information out there so I thought I’d try and think of ways to make life easier for us. This project is very simple. Effectively it’s a document that anyone can edit. I’ve divided into the curriculum subjects so if you know a website that is particularly good for teaching a certain subject, you might consider adding it. Although it’s fairly intuitive, I’ve added some instructions in the introduction.

Here is the document embedded here

And Remember... All of this is Out of our Control

On the evening of the Easter/Spring Break, the Department of Education released a survey to parents asking how schools were engaging with them since we were forced to close with 3 hours of notice. How many school days ago was this? 14 School Days. In the equivalent of a fortnight, school leaders and teachers have had to move from being a face-to-face entity to learning and becoming a completely online entity. It is amazing what we’ve already achieved. It is worth also remembering that on an almost daily basis, the way we’ve been able to live has changed with new laws and new research being released. And we already know the worst has yet to come. Staff are going to become ill. Families in your school will become ill. Sadly, some will be in critical conditions. Many schools will have a critical incident for the first time. So, remember, this is, at the end of the day, completely out of our control. All we can do is our best. I hope this helps.

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