ICS Skills Conference 2010

I was invited to speak at the Irish Computer Society’s annual conference in April.  I was introduced as someone who would give an insight and examples into the virtual staff notice board and how I  have made life a little easier for teachers using free web applications.  I hope I managed to do that.  My talk was based on my article, “Heads in the Cloud”, and I spoke about how my school utilises Google Apps for our complete communication system.  For those of you who want to listen to the talk, below is a podcast.  It does rely a little bit on a couple of images in places, but you should get a good picture of what I do, without seeing the slides.

Twitter Workshop Podcast

At the Tipperary Institute of Technology, as well as giving the keynote talk, I also gave a workshop entitled: “Becoming a member of the Twitterati”, which brought participants through signing up to Twitter, writing a tweet, following people and getting following, marking favourites and finally some recommendations of Twitter users to follow. Below is the podcast – enjoy!

Interview with Inside Education

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Seán Delaney, the presenter of Inside Education, a radio programme on Dublin City FM. Seán came to visit the school I work in and we had a chat about how I use technology in the school, my ideas about how technology can enhance learning and a brief summary of my latest project, Mash.ie. Seán’s radio show is the only radio show about education in Ireland. Luckily for me, who doesn’t live in Dublin, Dublin City FM stream every programme over the Internet so anyone in the world can listen to the show. Unfortunately, when the programme was aired, I was in Rossport, Co. Mayo in my mother-in-law’s house where there is no Internet connection. Thankfully, Seán podcasts the programme on iTunes so when I got back to Carlow, I could download the show. You can tune into Inside Education every Sunday evening at 7:30pm on Dublin City FM or check out the podcasts on InsideEd.com

Teachnet Cloud Computing Podcast

Recently I was asked to take part in a podcast on cloud computing by Teachnet. This was my third contribution to Teachnet’s brilliant podcasts – and my first that had nothing to do with Interactive Whiteboards! I’ve been using cloud computing for longer than the term has been bandied about but I am certainly no expert on it. I was intrigued by the other two speakers on the programme who had some really interesting things to say about the concept. I mentioned two cloud computing concepts in the podcast – Google Apps, which I use for staff communication, and Scriblink, http://www.scriblink.com/, which I’m beginning to look at for sharing virtual whiteboards. Anyway, take a listen to the discussion and, as always, look out for the other fantastic podcasts from Teachnet on http://blog.teachnet.ie

Anseo Podcast: A Wish for Batt O’Keeffe

The second of our IPPN podcasts was nothing to do with technology, though it was mentioned by some of the principals insterviewed. Rozz asked several principals, if they had one wish for Batt O’Keeffe, what would it be? Take a listen to the podcast and see what you think.

[audio:http://anseo.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/podcast02-a-wish-for-batt-o-keeffe-IPPN-2010.mp3|titles=podcast02-a wish for batt o keeffe IPPN 2010]

Anseo Podcast: The Future of ICT in Education

Anseo.net bought a digital dictaphone and decided to go into the podcasting business. Our roving reporter, Rozz, took to the virtual airwaves for the first time at the Irish Primary Principals Network (IPPN) conference. She recorded a number of podcasts, which we’ll be uploading over the next while. Anseo.net would like to note that the opinions made in the podcast are not of the IPPN’s or (sometimes) Anseo.net. We’d like to thank all the willing interviewees for their time and we hope they enjoy listening to the sound of their own voices as much as we did!

In our first podcast, we ask principals, business people and educationalists what they think the next big thing in ICT in education will be.


Teachnet Podcast – Interactive Whiteboards

This week I was invited by Teachnet to record a podcast for their series on the topic of Interactive Whiteboards.  I have previously spoken about IWBs in my school on an earlier poscast with two other teachers but this time it was just me speaking about my own experiences and my own recommendations on IWBs.

In the podcast, I was asked about the different boards I have in my school, how teachers use them and the advantages and disadvantages of IWBs.  I was also asked about how I choose an IWB when buying and then I gave my top three recommendations.

One board, I completely forgot about was the Hitachi Starboard, which is another IWB I love, so my apologies for leaving it out!  There’s a new board on the scene, which I haven’t seen called the IQboard which also looks interesting so that may be one of my top tips at a future time.

Thanks to Pat and Michael for having me on their show for my third appearance.  If anyone wants to hear the 17 minutes or so of my chat with Michael, either head over to http://blog.teachnet.ie/?p=1612 or you can listen to the poscast here.

Teachnet Podcast #7 – Interactive Whiteboards

This week I was invited for the second time to speak on the Teachnet podcast station and the topic was Interactive Whiteboards. I’m fairly happy with what I had to say although I failed to mention many of the options by name except for Promethean and Smart.  I mentioned eBeam too.  However, I regret that I didn’t get to mention my favourite IWBs, which are less well known but excellent products. 

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Teachnet Podcasting

Teachnet Ireland have been around for many years and is part of a global Teachnet network. Its aim is to explore how ICT can integrate into education. Teachers all over Ireland have created nearly 400 resources which are free to use.

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