120. (re)Introduce MFL into primary schools

The Modern foreign languages scheme was cut during the recession. It wasn’t well resourced in the first place but given that it’s never been more important for us to communicate in a widely used European language since Brexit, it’s imperative that it’s brought back and better resourced. However, something may have to give. What subject … Read more120. (re)Introduce MFL into primary schools

093. All schools must have access to a hall for PE

One might expect all primary schools to have a PE hall, but of course they don’t. I don’t have exact figures for all schools around the country but according to the CPSMA only 50% of Catholic primary schools have full sized PE halls. I imagine given that this represents over 90% of schools, the figure … Read more093. All schools must have access to a hall for PE

072. Outsource Physical Education

Quick! There’s a problem in society. Better ask schools to fix it and squeeze it into their day. Sounds familiar? Whatever the problem, it seems it’s a school’s responsibility to fix it. It doesn’t really matter that we aren’t qualified dieticians, sport coaches, counsellors, driving instructors, and so on, it seems we need to be … Read more072. Outsource Physical Education

056. Try to become paper-free in terms of content

While a tad aspirational, it would be great to see how much paper-based content a school really needs. Obviously, subjects like Visual Arts couldn’t happen without paper but almost every other subject could limit itself a lot, certainly in terms of curriculum content. Is there really any need for textbooks at all when we can … Read more056. Try to become paper-free in terms of content

021. Scrap the new Primary Language Curriculum

The new Primary Language Curriculum was a result of the very odd 2011 Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, which was hastily put together after a small blip in Ireland’s PISA results, where it scored a little less than it had in the past. Within weeks, a new language curriculum was on the cards and the NCCA … Read more021. Scrap the new Primary Language Curriculum

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