Computerised Cúntas Míosúil (Version 1.1)

Computerised Cúntas Míosúil version 1.1

Are you sick of all that paperwork when it comes to Cúntas Míosúil time? has created a computerised Cúntas Míosúil and you can download it for free.  It is written using Microsoft Excel so you’ll need MS Office or Open Office to run it.  It’s been designed to be as easy as possible to use.  On the cover page, simply type in your details then click on the individual tabs for each subject to fill them in.
The only techie thing that I couldn’t get around was typing in multiple lines of text.  If you need to move on to a new line, you have to hold down the “Alt” key and press the “Enter” Button.  When you’ve typed in all your subjects, click on the appropriate month and your Cúntas Míosúil is ready for printing!  Simple.
Note: This computerised Cúntas Míosúil has been developed to include the Ethics/Religion curricula.  It is set at the Educate Together Ethics curriculum by default.  You can change this by double-clicking on the appropriate tab.
This new version corrects a small error where teachers could not change the name of the school.
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