A Case of Mistaken Identity

My Twitter username is simonmlewis – the “m” is my middle initial. I had to do this because someone had already taken the username, simonlewis.

Anyway, a lot of people must forget to insert my middle initial when referring to me in Twitter. I love when I check my Twitter account and see “mentions” of me and I get a bit disappointed if it turns out to be spam or something.  The actual Twitter user @simonlewis must be too as he has written on his bio profile:

Simon James Lewis: Just some bloke you’ve probably never met. Not to be confused with some guy from Ireland who works in schools or something. He’s another Simon Lewis.

It gave me a giggle.  I wonder if the guy who owns “anseo.ie” (which is run from Asia and I believe will become a Search Engine Optimisation site) is confused with questions about Interactive Whiteboards.

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