124. All Fitness to Teach cases should be held privately.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a public witch hunt! If it’s a teacher in the docks, we can all reminisce about a terrible teacher we had and we can vicariously live through some other teacher’s public investigation.

Teachers who tend to get to the level of a public Fitness to Teach scenario are probably the last people that should be publicly scrutinised. There is no teacher in their right mind that would reach a stage such as this, given the process involved.

There is little point in having a modern day witch-trial in front of a baying mob. If the teacher is not fit to teach, fine. There’s no point in rubbing their face in it. 

What is worse is if a teacher is innocent in the end and they’ve been publicly dragged through the mud. Because this is Ireland, their name will never be said again without “no smoke without fire” attached to it. 

Sometimes we really need to look at ourselves as a society and allow people dignity even if they have behaved appallingly. Maybe if a teacher is going to be a danger to someone, it’s fine for this to be public knowledge but aside from that, there is really no need. We can buy glossy magazines to satiate our need for gossip.

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