122. Schools need Sports Facilities

Imagine a secondary school being built without a football pitch or some sort of sport’s field. It just doesn’t happen these days. However, would it surprise you to hear that no primary school built in the last 15 years has had a sports pitch built as part of the building? If you’re a primary school teacher, probably not. In fact, even if you are in an older school, it’s quite possible not to have access to a pitch for a variety of reasons.

Given that the government (and society) are going on and on about child obesity, it seems strange at best that nobody is putting any pressure to have schools with the facilities to supply sports or exercise facilities.

Many older schools are built beside GAA pitches or other sports grounds and they get the use of them. 

I propose that all new primary schools will be built with at least a football pitch or equivalent. This pitch should and could be used by the local community. I propose where there are existing schools without a sports field, that one is built within walking distance (<500m) from the school. The sports facility can take any form but it should be available to the general community as well, which could be used to raise funds to keep it maintained or even for some fundraising for the school.

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