093. All schools must have access to a hall for PE

One might expect all primary schools to have a PE hall, but of course they don’t. I don’t have exact figures for all schools around the country but according to the CPSMA only 50% of Catholic primary schools have full sized PE halls. I imagine given that this represents over 90% of schools, the figure is about right when including all schools.

Schools often have to rent a local hall if one exists and sometimes there might be the cost of getting a bus to this hall. This simply isn’t good enough as the costs make this prohibitive.

Where a school does not have a hall, the DES must provide funding to transport children to their local sports hall and pay any rent for it.

In the meantime, all schools need to have a PE hall. Small schools are generally set in isolated areas so a community indoor sports hall would do the job here.

Either way, whatever the context, PE Halls need to be used after hours and should be available for outside agencies to use.

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