091. Any faith formation must be provided in parish centres or religious-owned buildings.

The last article posed the suggestion that failing a full church separation that faith formation would not be taught during the school day.

This article pushes the boat a little further out. The government announced in the push for a pluralistic education system that no one should have to travel more than 30 minutes to find a school that respects their religious background. I would suggest flipping this to a more subtle, everyone should be able to access their nearest faith formation class within 30 minutes.

Faith formation should happen outside of schools. Ideally, however, it should not take place in schools at all. Fatih formation should take place in a local centre. For Catholics and members of the Church of Ireland, this is fairly easy as there are churches everywhere. For others, centres may have to be set up. This, of course, already happens outside of the two biggest religions.

However, where this is not feasible, school could have the freedom to rent out their buildings like they do with any other after school club to any faith-based education programme. Schools are best suited for this because they would be vacant at these times.

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