087. Scrap standardised testing

If we’ve learned nothing else from countries where they are obsessed with standardised testings and from countries where they aren’t, it’s very clear that standardised testing does absolutely nothing to improve learning outcomes.

In a way, it makes sense then that the Irish government decided not only to make it compulsory for Irish pupils to sit standardised tests in 2nd, 4th and 6th class, that the results would be published to the Department of Education every year.

Not only that, standardised results are already being used to allocate resources to school, and it won’t be any surprise to anyone when league tables will start being produced by newspapers with nothing better to do.

Before we completely wreck our reasonably decent education system, which we’re managing to chip away at with needless form filling and paperwork, we need to hold the line on this one and scrap standardised testing before it’s too late. If we have to keep it, it should never be published outside of the school and only used for internal assessment.

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