083. Replace the inspectorate with a mentoring system

Nobody really likes a visit from the cigire. The Department of Education sends out inspectors to schools every so often to make sure schools are doing what they are supposed to be doing and when they aren’t the inspector writes recommendations.

The problem with the inspectorate model is that it doesn’t really help anyone, especially when the visits are announced. Once they are announced, many schools go into overdrive clawing together plans and records and policies and so on, to make their school out in a better light. There’s good reason too. Inspectors’ reports are published on the Internet. The worst ones get highlighted by the media.

It really does no one any good and my suggestion is to scrap them and replace them with a mentoring scheme via the Teaching Council. Every school would have a Teaching Council mentor who they could call on if they needed some help and this mentor would visit the school once every 4 years to strike up some plans and targets.

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