081. Ensure that RSE is standardised

Teaching about Relationships and Sexuality Education in Ireland, you’d think, would be a fairly straightforward affair. There’s a curriculum to follow and the government have even made a step-by-step programme to follow.

Somebody should have told them that the Catholic Church weren’t pleased with it though so they came up with their own interpretation, and “any attempt to communicate ‘the facts of life’ as mere facts without reference to the religious and moral dimensions of human sexuality and without reference to the pupil’s need to grow in maturity would be a distortion.” (The Guidelines on Relationships and Sexuality Education)

It’s possible that other denominational schools have their own flavour of RSE but they’re wiser than to publish them online.

Anyway, of course the above is ridiculous and there should not be several different flavours of an RSE programme depending on the type of school one goes to, especially when over 90% of schools are run by an organisation that refuses to teach about same-sex relationships and so on.

RSE needs to be standardised across all schools and not influenced by any interest groups, whatever they might be.

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