074. All schools to have websites

Most primary schools have some sort of website. However, there is absolutely no consistency in the website address of the school. Some schools have bought their own domain and built their website, others have used Scoilnet’s service (which technically isn’t a DES website) and therefore has a subdomain from that; and other schools have another subdomain option such as WordPress or Wix or Weebly and so on.

Ideally, the DES should be providing all schools with a domain and hosting. There are only 3,200 primary schools so it shouldn’t take much to do it. 

I would suggest the DES purchase a domain and every school would have a subdomain of this. For example, if the DES bought the domain: ns.ie, every school could be a subdomain of this, such as stpatricksnaas.ns.ie or townname-et.ns.ie and so on. 

Hosting should also be provided and centrally managed and supported by a technical support team.

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